Grinding accessories for concrete grinders

  • Cup wheels, milling heads, polishing pads
  • Optimal solution for difficult substrates
  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Powerful material abrasion
Product Details
Available dimensions and perforations
Ø 125 mm Ø 125 mm
Suitable for

Bosch , DeWalt, Eibenstock , Festo / Festool, Makita, MENZER, Metabo, Zollernalb u.a.

Milling heads
Scouring head, flat Scouring head, flat
Scouring head with 12 scouring wheels for substrate processing
Scouring head, pyramid-shaped Scouring head, pyramid-shaped
Scouring head with 12 scouring wheels for substrate processing
Scouring wheels, flat Scouring wheels, flat
12 replacement scouring wheels for MENZER scouring heads
Scouring wheels, pyramid-shaped Scouring wheels, pyramid-shaped
12 replacement scouring wheels for MENZER scouring heads
Diamond polishing pad (dry) Diamond polishing pad (dry)
Material: Synthetic resin-bonded material

Cup wheels for concrete grinders – for the professional refurbishment of substrates

Concrete grinders are all-rounders for the refurbishment and renovation of substrates: A range of MENZER cup wheels and milling heads make it possible to use 125 mm concrete grinders such as the MENZER SF 125 for working on hard, tough or thermoplastic materials.

The robust cup wheels for concrete grinders supplied by MENZER are suitable for working on soft as well as hard substrates. Among other applications, the grinding heads can be used for coarse cutting or precision grinding of concrete, screed as well as plaster and cement.

Special MENZER diamond cup wheels - for extremely high sanding performance

The Special diamond grinding heads by MENZER are ideal for milling, grinding and keying of natural stones and ceramic substrates. The sanding performance corresponds to grit size 40. The PDK grinding heads are studded with polycrystalline diamonds, making this MENZER abrasive a specialist tool for problematic floor coverings.

The carbide grit cup wheels for concrete grinders are especially suited for working on softer surfaces, as their surface does not clog easily. This allows the efficient removal of thermoplastic materials such as paints, varnishes, glue residues or joint fillers.

Each of the milling heads for the MENZER SF 125 concrete grinder is equipped with 12 scouring wheels. The pyramid-shaped scouring wheels are the optimal solution for harder substrates and larger abrasion heights. The flat scouring wheels produce smaller abrasion heights and are suitable for sanding substrates which are not as hard, such as soft plaster and mortar or glue residues.