Random orbital sanders

Flexible all-rounder for perfect work results

Combines quality, adaptability and functionality

The random orbital sanders from the MENZER BASE LINE offer solidity, sturdiness, perfect ergonomics and extremely low maintenance operation. Developed for operators who perform challenging sanding and polishing work, the MENZER random orbital sanders feature excellent processing quality and innovative EC motor technology. Substrates such as drywall, wood and plastic or even paints, varnishes and fillers can be sanded or polished effectively and effortlessly.

Compact ergonomic design

MENZER random orbital sanders are characterised by a compact and ergonomically optimised design and impress with a perfectly balanced centre of gravity and low weight. Developed for demanding sanding and polishing work, MENZER random orbital sanders stand for a very high manufacturing quality and impress with a particularly long service life.

Wide range of applications

The application spectrum of MENZER random orbital sanders are ranging from effective and energy-saving sanding of drywall, processing of various wood, plastic and composite parts to paints, varnishes and fillers. Polishing a wide variety of materials is also part of the range of applications for these powerful compact sanders. In order to optimally meet the diverse requirements, MENZER random orbital sanders are available in different stroke variants.

Working without fatigue

The ergonomically designed and compactly constructed random orbital sanders from MENZER are characterised by a perfectly balanced centre of gravity and particularly low vibration. They are therefore ideally suited for low-fatigue and continuous work. The low weight and low noise emissions provide additional working comfort.

Innovative EC motor technology

All MENZER random orbital sanders are equipped with the latest EC motor technology. This makes the devices significantly quieter than conventional sanders. Since carbon brushes are no longer used, MENZER sanders also require significantly less maintenance.

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Visit our authorised MENZER online-retailer