Compact drywall sanders

Powerful perfection for everyday use

Perfection in every corner

Drywall construction is a great option for creating customised spaces. It allows the quick implementation of suspended ceilings and partition walls for commercial as well as private use and is comparatively low cost. MENZER’s compact wall and ceiling sanders are perfect for working in tight or multi-angle spaces like stairwells or bathrooms. The innovative wall and ceiling sanders help get the work done exceptionally well and efficiently.

Superior power

The extremely powerful motor gives the machines plenty of power reserves. The results are higher speeds and therefore more abrasion. Sanding tasks are completed faster than with traditional drywall sanders.

Low dust emissions

The protective hood over the machine features a densely packed brush rim, which removes the sanding dust thoroughly and effectively. Best results are guaranteed in conjunction with MENZER Ultranet®, the innovative high-performance sanding mesh for highest quality requirements.

Compact and ergonomic

MENZER's compact drywall sanders feature an ergonomic and lightweight design. The handle is coated with anti-slip plastic for maximised grip in any situation. The machine ensures controlled and powerful sanding while working on ladders or scaffolding.

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Visit our authorised MENZER online-retailer