MENZER Carbide

Extra powerful for demanding substrates

  • Coated with carbide grit 
  • For particularly hard and tough substrates 
  • Highly durable

Technical Data

Base: Metal
Grit type: Carbide grit
Grain size: coarse to fine

Field of Application

Stone, Concrete, Plaster

Extra powerful for demanding substrates

MENZER Carbide is a problem-solver for difficult sanding tasks. The discs are coated with carbide grit and come to the fore on tricky substrates. They are ideal for the removal of thick paint and adhesive layers, plaster residue, and for the processing of concrete or screed substrates.

For fine and coarse material abrasion

The sanding discs offer a particularly long service life and sanding residue can be easily cleaned off. MENZER Carbide sanding discs are available in three grit sizes. Depending on requirements, a finer or more coarse material abrasion can be achieved.