The compact vacuum cleaner for the removal of respirable fine dust, Dust Class M

  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaner with high extraction performance
  • Patented, automatic filter self-cleaning system
  • Continuous filter cleaning
  • Exceptionally long filter service life
  • Integrated power socket with automatic ON/OFF control
  • Complete antistatic system with conductive accessories
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Container volume: 30 l

Visit our authorised MENZER online dealer


Visit our authorised MENZER online dealer


Technical Data

Voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Max. performance: 1,380 W
Power rating of the device socket (EU): 25-2200 W
Max. volume flow: 4,440 l/min
Vacuum (max., suction hose end): 23.7 kPa
Vacuum (max., suction motor): 27,3 kPa
Sound pressure level: 69 dB(A)
Container volume: 30 l
Weight: 14.2 kg
Length of cable: 7 m
Length of suction hose: 4 m
Filling quantity (liquid): 17 l

Scope of Delivery

Safety vacuum cleaner MENZER VCM 530 PRO
Floor nozzles (wet and dry)
Crevice nozzle
Suction pipe
Elbow joint, antistatic
4 m suction hose, antistatic
Universal tool adapter
Flat-fold filter PES
Disposal bag 30/50 l (1 Pcs.)
Nonwoven filter bag 30 l (1 Pcs.)

Price (MSRP)

805.00 € net
957.95€ inc. VAT
Item Number: 120090000

Automatic self-cleaning filter system

The patented filter self-cleaning system with sensor-controlled electronics ensures uninterrupted, continuously high vacuum performance with a certified filtration efficiency of 99.9% for an almost total removal of fine dust. The filter service life of more than 180 kg (mineral dust) is unsurpassed.

High vacuum performance

MENZER PRO safety vacuum cleaner were developed specifically for the removal of dust and debris from sanding, milling, drilling and sawing tools directly at the source. The compact high performance turbine ensures the right amount of vacuum and power. That is why this professional tool satisfies highest requirements on building sites and in workshops.

Sophisticated slotting system

The rubberised surfaces of the vacuum cleaner hold tools safely in place, and they can be additionally secured using lashing straps and the eyelets provided. There is plenty of space for storing the crevice nozzle and other accessories on the side of the device to keep them within reach at all times.


Flat-fold filter PES

The use of flat-fold filters allows wet and dry vacuuming without any need for a filter change.

Nonwoven filter bags 30 l (5 Pcs.)

The 30 l nonwoven filter bags guarantee efficient filtration.

Candle filter for wood dust

The PTFE coating and the structure of the filter feature a dust collection rate of 99.9%.

Coupling sleeve accessory for universal adapter Ø35 mm 39/35/32/25

The add-on sleeve can be used with the universal adapter, which forms part of the scope of delivery of all MENZER PRO vacuum cleaners.

Disposal bag 30/50 l (5 pcs.)

The disposal bag made of polyethylene is an excellent alternative to the fleece filter bag and ensures more freedom from dust in the sanding process.

Crevice nozzle Ø35 mm

Hard to reach areas like crevices, corners, and joints can be easily cleaned of dust and debris using the crevice nozzle.

Floor nozzle Ø35 mm

The nozzle comes with one wet and one dry vacuuming attachment.

Chromed suction pipe Ø35 mm

The delivery includes 2 chromed suction pipes with a length of 0.5 m each.

Universal tool adapter Ø35 mm 27/36

For the attachment of power tools on all MENZER vacuum cleaners

Coupling sleeve accessory for universal adapter Ø35 mm 39/44

For the attachment of power tools on all MENZER vacuum cleaners

Elbow joint Ø35 mm electr. conductive

The electrically conductive elbow joint easily clicks into place on the right MENZER PRO vacuum cleaner via the tried and tested click lock system.

Suction hose Ø35 mm x 4 m electr. conductive

The electrically conductive suction hose is 4 metres long. It easily clicks into place on the right MENZER PRO vacuum cleaner via the tried and tested click lock system.


Three-year manufacturer's warranty

MENZER PRO LINE tools boast reliability and a long service life. MENZER ensures this with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. The new tool must be registered within four weeks of purchase in order to benefit from the warranty.