BSM 750 E


The robust one.
  • Powerful motor (2,200 W)
  • Steplessly adjustable roller pressure control
  • Robust housing
  • High intrinsic weight (67 kg)
  • Manual sanding belt centring
  • Integrated, powerful dust removal system
  • Quick and easy sanding belt replacement
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
2,200 W

67 kg

Idle speed
2,400 min⁻¹

Sanding belt length
750 mm

Sanding belt width
200 mm

Scope of Delivery


    • MENZER dust bag large (flame-retardant)
    • Tools

Price (MSRP)

£2,406.80 net
£2,888.16 inc. VAT
Item Number: 113011000

Sanding belt replacement in seconds
Sanding belt replacement in seconds
The sophisticated design ensures that the sanding belt of the BSM 750 E can be replaced in seconds. The cover and the clamping lever holding the sanding belt are released quickly and locked again with ease, once the new sanding belt is in place.
Manual sanding belt centring
Manual sanding belt centring
The sanding belt centring of the BSM 750 E allows a manual positioning of the sanding belt in the middle of the roller. The sanding belt is therefore always optimally tightened. In conjunction with the powerful motor, it ensures optimised sanding results.
Adjustable spacer
Adjustable spacer
The MENZER BSM 750 E comes equipped with a rubber wheel on the side that functions as a spacer and impact protection to make edge sanding a lot easier. It can be variably adjusted to prevent damage to walls and skirting boards.
Extra safe handling
Extra safe handling
Work safety is a key point for the MENZER BSM 750 E. The machine comes with an integrated dust extraction unit that removes harmful dust at the source and deposits it in the MENZER dust bag. A custom coating protects the dust bag against flying sparks. Easy to operate safeties on the handle and a zero voltage switch prevent accidental startups of the belt sander.
Easy to transport
Easy to transport
The MENZER BSM 750 E is very easy to transport. A robust fold-out handle on the machine makes it easy to lift. You can also order the optional BSM trolley, on which the parquet sander can be easily rolled away. It is suitable for all belt sanders up to a width of 50 cm. For longer transports, the machine can easily be taken apart into three segments.
Optional add-on weight
Optional add-on weight
The high intrinsic weight of 67 kg of our MENZER BSM 750 E guarantees an excellent abrasion rate. An optional add-on weight for the BSM 750 E will further increase the abrasion pressure as needed. The 8 kg add-on weight is easy to attach and remains secure on the machine.