Floor sanders

For perfect wood flooring.

Parquet layers need high performance, reliable technology that guarantees superior sanding results. That is why MENZER has developed two highly robust floor sanders. The result is two robust floor sanders: The MENZER ESM 406 is the perfect solution for sanding difficult surfaces. With the cleaning kit, the ESM 406 maintains, cleans and polishes floors optimally.

MENZER ESM 406 with sanding kit
The universal floor sander.
The MENZER ESM 406 SK orbital floor sander is very versatile to use – it sands difficult substrates and can also handle the fine and intermediate scuffing of wood flooring. The abrasion pressure can be individually adjusted with the add-on weight. The optional cleaning kit for the ESM 406 SK makes it a cleaning and maintenance machine for finished floors.
MENZER ESM 406 with cleaning kit
The versatile floor cleaning machine.
MENZER ESM 406 is a perfect cleaning, maintenance, polishing or floor oiling machine. The brushes remove dirt thoroughly, yet carefully. The driving disc for sanding and polishing pads allows an effective maintenance and oiling of substrates. The optional sanding kit for the ESM 406 transforms the machine into a floor sander.

Floor sanders by MENZER

Wood flooring has always been very popular in the commercial as well as the residential sector. Wood flooring has the feel-good factor and it has always conveyed a feeling of warmth and welcome. It also makes sense to use wood flooring in terms of the environment, as timber is a natural and sustainable raw material.

MENZER floor sanders can help give a new lease on life to parquet floors, hardwood floors and stairwells. They are extremely powerful, offer high performance and are very comfortable to work with. Combined with the high-abrasion, long-life abrasives by MENZER, these floor sanders achieve excellent sanding results on parquet and hardwood floors.