Trockenbauschleifer TBS 225 PRO


The compact workhorse.
  • Removable nose section
  • Extremely long service life
  • Extra powerful motor (1,010 W)
  • MENZER Long Life technology
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perforated driving disc for efficient dust extraction results
  • Only 2.6 kg intrinsic weight
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
1,010 W

2,6 kg

460 mm x 250 mm x 220 mm

Idle speed
1,000-2,100 min⁻¹

Sanding disc
Ø 225 mm

Scope of Delivery


Price (MSRP)

£277.53 net
£333.04 inc. VAT
Item Number: 111 161 000

360-degree view
MENZER Long Life technology
MENZER Long Life technology
Our MENZER Long Life technology ensures the anytime availability of the MENZER TBS 225 PRO in daily, intensive work environments. During startup, the motor speed is continuously increased. This soft start function protects the individual machine components and keeps wear to a minimum. The high power reserves protect the steplessly controlled motor from overload, making it less prone to faults.
Sophisticated ergonomics
Sophisticated ergonomics
Our MENZER TBS 225 PRO has an incredibly low intrinsic weight of just 2.6 kg. It is also very compact and easy to manage. The slimline, ergonomic handle makes it an easy to operate tool. The soft, non-slip plastic ensures an optimised grip on the machine.
Edgeless sanding
Edgeless sanding
This compact drywall sander was designed specifically for use in tight or multi-angle spaces. That is why the nose section can be removed. It allows the TBS 225 PRO to effortlessly reach edges and difficult transition areas.
6-hole driving disc
6-hole driving disc
The generated sanding dust not only endangers the health of the worker, it also reduces the service life of the abrasive. That is why it must be reliably removed. Our TBS 225 PRO comes with a 6-hole driving disc complete with a brush ring, which effectively seals uneven surfaces.