Sanding belts for hand belt sanders

  • Robust, tear-resistant and durable
  • Exceptionally durable belt joints
  • Available for many dimensions
  • Grit types: Zirconium aluminium oxide and aluminium oxide
Product Details
Available dimensions and perforations
40 x 303 mm 40 x 303 mm
75 x 457 mm 75 x 457 mm
75 x 533 mm 75 x 533 mm
100 x 610 mm 100 x 610 mm
Suitable for

AEG, Black & Decker, Bosch , Casals, DeWalt, Einhell, Felisatti, Festo / Festool, Freud, Hitachi, Holz-Her, Knopp, Makita, Metabo, Peugeot, Ryobi, Skil, Stayer, Wegoma u.a.

Sanding paper for hand belt sanders - in all commercially available dimensions and grit types

MENZER offers sanding paper for all commercially available hand belt sanders by Bosch, Black & Decker, Einhell, Hitachi and many other manufacturers. The sanding belts impress with their particularly high material abrasion and extremely long service life. The backing is made of a polyester-reinforced fabric base, which is characterised by its robustness and long service life.

The MENZER sanding belts for hand belt sanders are available in all commercially available grit sizes (G36 to G120). The sanding paper is available in the following grit types: aluminium oxide (Red) and zirconium aluminium oxide (Blue). The following dimensions are available in the MENZER product range: 40 x 303 mm, 75 x 457 mm, 75 x 533 mm and 100 x 610 mm.

Sanding paper in a range of grit types

The sanding belts for hand belt sanders are ideally suited for sanding wood surfaces in both grit types. Aluminium oxide can be used as a universal abrasive for sanding wood composites as well as fillers, paints and varnishes. The special base is characterised by its strong spunlacing and high strength. Depending on its grit size, aluminium oxide can be used for coarse cutting to precision grinding.

When sanding wood or metal, the zirconium aluminium oxide sanding belts impress due to their aggressiveness and self-sharpening effect. The high quality base made of polyester fibres ensures maximum tear resistance and stability under tension. The abrasive has a particularly long service life, due to the extremely durable backing material and the cutting strength of the zirconium grit.