Langhalsschleifer LHS 225


The classic – with direct drive.
  • Direct drive for loss-free power transfer
  • Powerful motor (710 W)
  • Extremely agile cup wheel
  • Very long service life
  • Removable nose section for contour sanding
  • Surprisingly low intrinsic weight: Only 4.2 kg
  • Incl. carry bag and additional handle
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
710 W

4,2 kg

Idle speed
1,000-2,100 min⁻¹

1.620 mm

Sanding disc
Ø 225 mm

Scope of Delivery


    • Carry bag
    • Additional handle

Price (MSRP)

£193.16 net
£231.79 inc. VAT
Item Number: 111 061 000

360-degree view
Driving disc with direct drive
Driving disc with direct drive
Our MENZER LHS 225 was designed specifically for intensive, continuous operation on drywall walls and ceilings. That is why the driving disc is powered directly by the powerful 710 W motor. Loss-free power transmission is not the only benefit here: This design additionally reduces wear sensitivity in comparison with other machines using a drive shaft.
Extremely agile cup wheel
Extremely agile cup wheel
The very agile cup wheel of the MENZER LHS 225 ensures extra comfortable work conditions. The versatile cup wheel gives you more freedom of movement while sanding, as it adapts to working on walls or ceilings. Hard to reach areas can be processed with high precision without stopping and starting.
Getting rid of dust safely
Getting rid of dust safely
Anyone who does a lot of sanding work knows about the problems of dust pollution. Sanding dust is not just a health hazard, it also clogs up abrasives and shortens their lifespan. That is why the MENZER LHS 225 comes with a six-hole driving disc and a guide tube for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. Efficient dust extraction is therefore guaranteed.
Sanding action right to the edge
Sanding action right to the edge
The nose section of the MENZER LHS 225 is removed at the push of a button. That allows the drywall sander to be guided right up to the edges of walls and ceilings. The hard to reach edge areas can therefore be sanded efficiently and there will be no need for manual reworking.