Langhalsschleifer LHS 225 PRO Vario


The tireless workhorse with adjustable work length.
  • Variable length settings for comfortable work conditions
  • Direct drive for loss-free power transfer
  • MENZER Long Life technology
  • Extra powerful motor (1,010 W)
  • Extremely agile cup wheel
  • Removable nose section for contour sanding
  • Extremely long service life
  • Surprisingly low intrinsic weight: Only 4.3 kg
  • Incl. carry bag and additional handle
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
1,010 W

4,3 kg

Idle speed
1,000-2,100 min⁻¹

1.550–1.950 mm

Sanding disc
Ø 225 mm

Scope of Delivery


    • Carry bag
    • Additional handle

Price (MSRP)

£389.30 net
£467.16 inc. VAT
Item Number: 111 111 000

360-degree view
Adjustable length
Adjustable length
Our MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO features a steplessly adjustable work length between 1,550 and 1,950 mm, making the tool extremely versatile. In combination with the adjustable handle and the extremely agile cup wheel, high walls and multi-angle areas are no longer a problem.
Extremely durable and resilient
Extremely durable and resilient
The LHS 225 PRO VARIO with MENZER Long Life technology is extremely durable and resilient. It gets these characteristics from smart electronics with soft start function and overload protection, an enormously powerful motor with high power reserves for the most challenging substrates and from a highly robust, low-maintenance machine design.
Driving disc with direct drive
Driving disc with direct drive
The powerful 1,010 W motor of the MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO drywall sander sits directly on top of the driving disc. That makes the LHS 225 PRO VARIO particularly durable and low-maintenance in comparison with other machines using a drive shaft. The direct drive furthermore ensures a loss-free transmission of the motor power onto the driving disc.
Highly agile cup wheel
Highly agile cup wheel
One of the special features of the MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO is its extremely agile cup wheel. Maximised freedom of movement while sanding is ensured, as the cup wheel adapts to working on walls or ceilings. It also means that hard to reach areas can be processed comfortably and precisely.
Efficient dust extraction
Efficient dust extraction
The generated sanding dust must be extracted quickly and safely to protect the health of the worker. That is why the MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO comes with a 6-hole driving disc for efficient dust extraction. The driving disc is encircled by a versatile brush ring, which ensures a good dust seal no matter how uneven the substrate.
Edgeless sanding
Edgeless sanding
The MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO effortlessly sands the most hard to reach areas on walls and ceilings. The removable nose section allows the machine to sand any area right up to the edges. Time-consuming re-sanding by hand or with other sanders will no longer be necessary.