Langhalsschleifer LHS 225 Vario


The bestseller – with adjustable work length.
  • Variable length settings for comfortable work conditions
  • Direct drive for loss-free power transfer
  • Powerful motor (710 W)
  • Extremely agile cup wheel
  • Very long service life
  • Removable nose section for contour sanding
  • Surprisingly low intrinsic weight: Only 4.2 kg
  • Incl. carry bag and additional handle
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
710 W

4,2 kg

Idle speed
1,000-2,100 min⁻¹

1.550–1.950 mm

Sanding disc
Ø 225 mm

Scope of Delivery


    • Carry bag
    • Additional handle

Price (MSRP)

£213.56 net
£256.27 inc. VAT
Item Number: 111 081 000

360-degree view
Steplessly adjustable work length
Steplessly adjustable work length
The MENZER LHS 225 VARIO is a drywall sander with an extension tube. Its overall length can therefore be extended from 155 cm to 195 cm. This steplessly adjustable work length makes our MENZER LHS 225 VARIO the perfect choice for sanding high walls and ceilings.
Low-maintenance direct drive
Low-maintenance direct drive
Our MENZER LHS 225 VARIO is particularly low-maintenance, because it is not driven by a comparatively high-wear drive shaft. Instead, the powerful, steplessly adjustable 710 W motor is positioned directly on the cup wheel, which means that the motor power is transferred loss-free onto the driving disc.
Highly agile cup wheel
Highly agile cup wheel
The MENZER LHS 225 VARIO is equipped with an extremely versatile cup wheel. The cup wheel is attached in such a way as to allow movement into all directions. The MENZER LHS 225 VARIO therefore follows every move of the operator and the contours of the walls and ceilings, without having to continuously stop and start.
Removable nose section
Removable nose section
The nose section of the MENZER LHS 225 VARIO is removed at the push of a button. The driving disc and sanding disc can be guided right up to the edges of walls and ceilings. Difficult transition areas no longer pose a problem and will not need any manual rework, which means that overall project time is reduced.
Efficient dust extraction
Efficient dust extraction
DIY enthusiasts should also ensure the efficient removal of sanding dust at all times. The driving disc of the MENZER LHS 225 VARIO comes with six holes and is encircled by a flexible brush ring. Combined with an industrial vacuum cleaner (e.g. our MENZER VC 760), highly efficient dust removal is ensured.