Trockenbauschleifer TSW 225 PRO


The workhorse with replaceable head system.
  • Replaceable head system for flexible sanding
  • Extremely long service life
  • Extra powerful motor (1,010 W)
  • MENZER Long Life technology
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perforated driving disc for efficient dust extraction results
  • Only 3.2 kg intrinsic weight
Product Details
Technical Data

220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption
1,010 W

3,2 kg

Driving disc, circular:

Idle speed O driving disc
1.000–2.100 min-1

Sanding disc O
Ø 225 mm

Dimensions O sanding head
510 mm x 250 mm x 220 mm

Driving disc, square:

Stroke rate Δ driving disc
6.000–11.000 min-1

Stroke length Δ driving disc
1,5 mm

Sanding disc Δ
250 mm x 290 mm

Dimensions Δ sanding head
530 mm x 290 mm x 220 mm

Scope of Delivery


    • Cup wheel, circular
    • Cup wheel, triangular

Price (MSRP)

£342.55 net
£411.06 inc. VAT
Item Number: 111 171 000

360-degree view
Replaceable head system
Replaceable head system
The replaceable head system makes the MENZER TSW 225 PRO a great drywall sander for difficult work conditions and is suitable for continuous professional operation. The circular driving disc is the perfect choice for large areas. The triangular driving disc reaches all corners and edges with ease. Both cup wheels come with multiple perforations for efficient dust extraction.
MENZER Long Life technology
MENZER Long Life technology
The ingenious MENZER Long Life technology makes our LHS 225 PRO is a very reliable and robust tool. The steplessly adjustable 1,010 W motor offers the power reserves you need for working on any substrate. Intelligent electronics ensure a smooth run-up of the tool and protects it against overload. It makes the MENZER TSW 225 PRO a durable and low-maintenance all-rounder for interior work.
Easy to handle, compact, ergonomic
Easy to handle, compact, ergonomic
The compact and ergonomic construction of the MENZER TSW 225 PRO allows continuous work on ladders and scaffolding. The practical handle made of anti-slip plastic allows precise and powerful work with this 3.2 kg lightweight machine.