The secret of surface perfection:
innovative abrasives by MENZER
Abrasives by MENZER

Abrasives by MENZER

Focus on the perfect finish

The success or failure of your project hinges on using the right abrasive. You as our customer are right to expect the very best abrasives from us in terms of quality and reliability. We are sanding experts and are fully aware of the special challenges faced by sanding discs, sanding belts or sanding paper. That is why we never stop improving our abrasives or feel satisfied with past successes.

Good quality, good price

MENZER abrasives are developed with professionals in mind. They offer high performance and longevity and are very economical. Our competitive prices are the result of efficient procurement and continuously optimised business processes. Our customers benefit from the savings we achieve.

The right abrasive for the right substrate

Abrasive designs by MENZERs

You decide, which sanding tool you want to use. That is why the MENZER range includes abrasives for all commercially available tool types, dimensions and hole circles: We offer sanding paper or pads for hand sanders, sanding discs for random orbital sanders, delta sanders or drywall sanders, as well as sanding belts for floor sanders.

Solutions for all manner of substrates

Wood, paint or smoothing cement, metal, plastics or stone – each substrate poses specific challenges for sanding paper. That is why MENZER offers a wide variety of abrasive product lines. From high performance sanding fleece to low-cost standard qualities: we have the right abrasive for whatever you want to do.

Sanding, milling and polishing made easy with MENZER abrasives

The secret of surface perfection

Every construction site and every substrate is different. That is why the MENZER range includes a wide variety of abrasive product lines. From innovative, high performance abrasives to low-cost standard qualities: MENZER offers the right abrasive for any application and tool type.

The specialist for sanding with maximised results

Anyone doing a lot of professional sanding will expect an outstanding service life and abrasion rate from abrasive products. As a specialist for sanding tasks, we are aware of these requirements and continuously improve our abrasive products accordingly. Because we want you to always have the right abrasive at hand. Optimized sanding results depend on two key factors: The sander and the abrasive. Each substrate and device type comes with specific requirements. These characteristics form the basis for the ongoing development and improvement of MENZER abrasives. Many years of experience and the continuous optimization of all details culminate in perfect sanding results.

As a leading manufacturer of sanding technology, it is only logical that we should be competent in abrasives as well. Based on that principle, we develop sanding discs, sanding paper and sanding belts that deliver top sanding results however tough the work may be. One example is our high performance Ultranet® sanding fleece, which was designed to be highly permeable to allow optimized particle extraction. That is why MENZER abrasives are known for their superior quality, extra-long service life and excellent abrasion rates. They are perfectly matched with various device types and brands and deliver outstanding results – in the DIY sector as well as in the construction industry. MENZER abrasives are the best possible choice for the processing of wood surfaces, drywalling and for the preparation of concrete, screed and ceramic substrates.

High quality bases

A high quality base will prevent tears in the abrasive, improve stability at the edges and will ensure durability despite heavy use. That is why MENZER invests in the development of innovative backing materials that can satisfy any requirement.

ProFlex paper
This is a sanding paper with particularly good spunlacing and therefore high strength. It offers excellent stability at the edges and will ensure durability despite heavy use. ProFlex paper is used for: Platinum, Red, Black, Ruby

UltraFlex paper
A tear-resistant specialist sanding paper that is given elasticity in an innovative flexibilisation procedure, making it particularly hard-wearing in manual sanding. UltraFlex paper is used for: White

clothHybrid nonwoven material
This abrasive base is made of a blended nonwoven material reinforced with polyester fibre for maximised tear, pressure and heat resistance, as well as extreme tensile strength. That means the nonwoven material will not stretch under stress. Hybrid nonwoven material is used for: Blue, Ruby

ProFlex mesh
This abrasive base is made of particularly durable nylon mesh with significantly reduced edge wear. It therefore offers excellent stability at the edges and will ensure durability despite heavy use. ProFlex mesh is used for: Net

3-in-1 Fleece
It has an open-pore, thick fleece layer that fulfils multiple functions: It absorbs sanding dust as a collector layer. It has a dampening effect and ensures a particularly uniform sanding result. It adheres perfectly to the hook & loop pad holder. 3-in-1 fleece is used for: Net, Ultrapad

Perfect in grit and coating

The best sanding results are achieved with a grit that is optimised in terms of size, hardness, resilience and material. The controlled dispersion of the abrasive grit ensures exact grit distance. A very uniform sanding result is guaranteed. The special coating enhances the effect.

Optimised semi-friable aluminium oxide
These abrasives come with a grit consistency that is perfectly matched to the high quality sanding of varnishes, composite materials, paints, fillers and levelling compounds. The resilience of aluminium oxide is combined with the hardness of fused aluminium oxide. Optimised semi-friable aluminium oxide is used for: Platinum

MENZER UltraSharp grit
This grit contains a very high percentage of zirconium aluminium oxide and is therefore self-sharpening. That ensures a long service life at constantly high cutting strength. MENZER UltraSharp grit is used for: Blue

Thermoplastic surfaces like paint pose a special challenge for abrasives, because they soften when heated, which can result in a clogging of the abrasive. That is why MENZER has developed MENZER CoolTec – a specialist coating that prevents any clogging of the abrasive and guarantees a long service life. MENZER CoolTec is used for: Platinum, White

Innovative technologies
A high quality abrasive is characterised by its long service life. That is why MENZER develops specialist technologies that not only extend the service life of an abrasive, but also improve work comfort and ensure perfect sanding results.

The specialist treatment MENZER AntiStat prevents static charges in the sanding dust. The adherence of dust on the machine, the workpiece and the surroundings is significantly reduced and the abrasive will not clog up as quickly. MENZER AntiStat is used for: Platinum, Black

MENZER 3D-Coating
A specialist treatment during the manufacture of sanding fleeces. The synthetic fibres are completely permeated with grit to allow a permanently high sanding performance. MENZER 3D Coating is used for: Sanding fleece

MENZER UltraClean
This technology allows the manufacture of an extremely open net structure in combination with an innovative, particle-permeable hook & loop system. Together, these two ensure full area dust extraction and virtually dust-free sanding. MENZER UltraClean is used for: Ultranet®