Perfect for mineral-based materials

  • For mineral-based and other hard materials 
  • Aggressive abrasion 
  • Long service life 
  • Antistatic feature

Technical Data

Base: ProFlex paper / nonwoven material
Grit type: Silicon carbide
Grain size: G16-800
Extras: MENZER AntiStat coating

Field of Application


Stone, Concrete, Plaster


Paint, Lacquer

Perfect for mineral-based materials
Antistatic coating for longer service life
Perfect for mineral-based materials

MENZER Black features the extremely hard and sharp-edged silicon carbide grit, which makes it an abrasive that is optimally suited for the sanding of mineral-based materials like natural stone and plaster. Hard-cured varnishes are also no match for MENZER Black.

Antistatic coating for longer service life

The special MENZER AntiStat process prevents static charges during sanding. As a result, sanding dust accumulation on the surface of the abrasive is greatly reduced. Which, in turn further increases the service life of the abrasive. MENZER Black is available for tool-based and manual sanding applications.