MENZER Titanium HD

Ceramic high-performance abrasive for the automotive sector

  • Easier processing of curved substrates 
  • Homogeneous sanding result 
  • Self-sharpening 
  • Very long service life 
  • Non-stick coating for reduced clogging

Technical Data

Base: Latex-Paper
Grit type:  Ceramic mix
(G40 - 800 ceramic mix / from G1,000 high-grade corundum)
Grain size: G40-2,000
Extras: MENZER CoolTec

Field of Application

Paint, Lacquer

Plaster, Screed



Ceramic high-performance abrasive for the automotive and marine sector

MENZER Titanium HD is a ceramic high-performance abrasive for car paint shops. It is ideally suited for paints, fillers and plastics, and can also be used in marine applications. The mixture of self-sharpening, ceramic grit and semi-friable aluminium oxide ensures excellent surface finish results at a continuously high abrasion rate.

Innovative technologies

The ceramic grit is self-sharpening. An additional coating with MENZER CoolTec prevents the abrasive getting clogged up too quickly. As a result, a significantly longer service life at a continuously high material abrasion rate can be achieved. Titanium HD uses latex paper, making it a lot more flexible than traditional sanding discs and creating a much smoother material finish.