MENZER Ultrapad

The classic for virtually dust-free sanding

  • Virtually dust-free sanding 
  • Healthier work environment
  • Longer service life at full abrasion rate 
  • More homogeneous sanding results 
  • Reduced clogging of the sanding disc 
  • Universally suitable for all hole circle systems

Technical Data

Base: ProFlex paper
Grit type: White fused aluminium oxide
Grain size: G40-220
Extras: 3-in-1 Fleece

Field of Application

Paint, Lacquer

Plaster, Screed



The classic for virtually dust-free sanding

Ultrapad is an abrasive with full-area perforation, allowing virtually dust-free sanding. Unlike with traditional sanding discs, the sanding dust is permanently extracted across the full work area. In combination with the 3in1 nonwoven material, the sanding dust extracted via the perforations is removed reliably and continuously. Ultrapad was developed specifically for wall and ceiling sanding in interior work projects, and for wood sanding.

High abrasion rate, extended service life

Ultrapad sanding discs feature a significantly higher sanding performance than traditional perforated sanding discs. In combination with the fused aluminium oxide grit, the full-area sanding dust extraction ensures a much higher service life at continuously high material abrasion. Ultrapad sanding discs can be used with any hole circle system.