Sanding discs for multi-disc sanders

  • Sanding discs and sanding pads
  • Grit types: Ceramic, zirconium aluminium oxide and aluminium oxide
  • High quality hook & loop backing
  • Quick replacement, perfect adhesion
  • Perfect sanding result
Product Details
Available dimensions and perforations
Ø 140 mm (1 hole) Ø 140 mm (1 hole)
Ø 125 mm Ø 125 mm
Ø 150 mm Ø 150 mm
Ø 200 mm Ø 200 mm
Suitable for

Bona, Janser, Lägler, MENZER u.a.

Normal pad Normal pad
Material: Durable polyester, thickness 10 mm
Diamond polishing pad (dry) Diamond polishing pad (dry)
Material: Synthetic resin-bonded material
Diamond polishing pad (wet) Diamond polishing pad (wet)
Material: Synthetic resin-bonded material

Sanding discs for multi-disc sanders in many versions

Multi-disc sanders are true all-rounders for substrate preparation. The MENZER product range includes high performance sanding discs, sanding meshes and pads for multi-disc driving discs and satellite systems of disc sanding machines (e.g. for MENZER ESM 406 or Lägler Trio). The abrasives are equipped with a high quality hook & loop mechanism for optimal adhesion and quick replacement.

The sanding discs for multi-disc sanders are available in diameters of 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. Depending on the requirements of the sanding process, the backing material consists of cotton fabric or ProFlex paper. The sanding discs are available in a range of grit types: Ceramic (Ruby), zirconium aluminium oxide (Blue), aluminium oxide (Red), fused aluminium oxide (Ultrapad) and silicon carbide (Black / Net sanding mesh).

Sanding, polishing and diamond polishing pads

MENZER offers a range of pads for multi-disc sanders, such as sanding pads, polishing pads or cleaning pads. The abrasives are available in different versions, from Black (very hard & abrasive) to white (very soft & absorbent). Whether abrasion, precision grinding and intermediate scuffing of varnish, or cleaning and polishing - there is a suitable pad for every sanding project. The beige polishing pads have a fine grit size and are used for smoothing when applying oils and waxes. The abrasive removes proud wood fibres (in particular on softwood).

The diamond polishing pads (Ø 125 mm) for multi-disc sanders are the ideal solution provided by MENZER for sanding and polishing of marble, granite and natural stone. The diamond abrasive grit set in synthetic resin ensures an even sanding result when wet grinding. All MENZER abrasives for multi-disc sanders impress with their even sanding results and long service life.