Sanding paper for hand sanders

  • Sanding sheets, sanding rolls and sanding fleeces
  • High quality sanding sponges and sanding pads
  • Versatile applications
  • Specially optimised for hand grinding
  • Adjustable to different sizes
  • Grit types: Zirconium aluminium oxide and silicon carbide
Product Details
Available dimensions and perforations
93 mm x 5 m role 93 mm x 5 m role
93 x 280 mm 93 x 280 mm
100 x 70 x 25 mm 100 x 70 x 25 mm
115 mm x 10 m role 115 mm x 10 m role
115 mm x 50 m role 115 mm x 50 m role
115 x 125 x 5 mm 115 x 125 x 5 mm
115 x 250 mm 115 x 250 mm
115 x 280 mm 115 x 280 mm
230 x 280 mm 230 x 280 mm
Suitable for

for many hand sanders, sanding pads and hand pad holders u.a. u.a.

Hand pad super Hand pad super
Material: Durable polyester
Special hand pad Special hand pad
Material: Durable polyester
Hand sanding fleece Hand sanding fleece
Material: Durable polyester with grain interspersion, abrasive (corresponds to G320)

Sanding paper for hand sanders - for universal application

MENZER offers a range of sanding papers for hand sanders depending on the area of application. These include sanding rolls, sanding sheets, sanding fleeces and sanding sponges as well as hand pads. The abrasives were developed especially for hand sanding. As a result, undesirable grit or coating breakouts are prevented.

The rolls and sheets are available in the following grit types: aluminium oxide (Red) and aluminium oxide with stearate coating (White), as well as silicon carbide (Black). The sanding paper rolls by MENZER are available in the dimensions 93 mm x 5 m and 115 mm x 10 m as well as 115 mm x 50 m. The sanding sheets in the MENZER product range have the dimensions 93 x 280 mm, 115 x 280 mm, 115 x 250 mm and 230 x 280 mm. They can easily be cut or folded to any size required.

Aluminium oxide can be used universally for coarse cutting to precision grinding. The MENZER White sanding paper for hand sanders with the innovative MENZER CoolTec coating is ideal for working on thermoplastic surfaces like paints and varnishes. Silicon carbide sanding paper is characterised by its grit, which has extremely sharp edges and is self-sharpening. The grit type is particularly well suited for sanding mineral-based substrates such as plaster, stone or concrete.

Hand pads, sanding meshes, fleeces and sponges - the perfect sanding paper for every application

The MENZER hand pads, made of high quality polyester with the dimensions of 115 x 250 mm, are suitable for all commercially available hand pad holders. Depending on their version, the hand sanding abrasives are ideal for sanding, oiling, waxing and polishing of parquet and wood floors. The MENZER hand sanding fleece, made of synthetic fibres with grain interspersion, makes it easy to pre-treat matt and varnished surfaces.

The MENZER Net sanding meshes for sanding blocks, made of silicon carbide with the dimensions of 93 x 280 mm and 115 x 280 mm, impress with their high material abrasion and precise sanding result. The sanding paper for hand sanders is characterised by its exceptionally sharp edges.

The White and Black versions of the MENZER sanding sponges are very versatile. They are frequently used for intermediate scuffing and precision grinding when painting, or for sanding of uneven surfaces such as grooves, curves and rounded areas. The MENZER sanding sponge is available in grit sizes from coarse to medium and fine. The sanding sponges are easy to handle, are long-lasting and can be used for paints, varnishes, wood and other materials.