Sanding discs for drywall sanders

  • Sanding discs, sanding meshes and sanding triangles
  • Large selection of grit types
  • High quality hook & loop backing
  • All commonly used hole patterns and dimensions
  • High abrasion rate
  • Tear-resistant, stable base
Product Details
Available dimensions and perforations
250 x 290 mm (12 suction holes) 250 x 290 mm (12 suction holes)
250 x 290 mm (without suction holes) 250 x 290 mm (without suction holes)
Ø 225 mm (10 suction holes) Ø 225 mm (10 suction holes)
Ø 225 mm (19 suction holes) Ø 225 mm (19 suction holes)
Ø 225 mm (6 suction holes) Ø 225 mm (6 suction holes)
Ø 225 mm (9 suction holes) Ø 225 mm (9 suction holes)
Ø 225 mm (without suction holes) Ø 225 mm (without suction holes)
Suitable for

Eibenstock , Festo / Festool, Flex, MENZER, Storch u.a.

Sanding paper for drywall sanders - a large selection for interior work

Drywall construction and interior work pose a lot of challenges which have to be met. For this reason, MENZER provides sanding paper for drywall sanders in many versions and with a wide range of grit types. They are complemented with innovative special solutions such as carbide grit sanding discs or sanding fleeces, which open up new areas of application.

All abrasives are available as universal sanding discs without holes, as well as with the specific hole circles for FLEX, Festool, Eibenstock, Storch or MENZER. The high quality hook & loop backing ensures the strong adherence of the sanding discs and sanding meshes and facilitates quick replacement. The sanding discs for drywall sanders are available with a diameter of 225 mm as well as a sanding triangle with the dimensions 250 x 290 mm.

MENZER abrasives with different grit types for wall and ceiling sanders

The MENZER product range offers the right sanding grit for every purpose: Aluminium oxide sanding discs for drywall sanders (MENZER Red and MENZER White) can be used universally on different surfaces. They are suitable for coarse cutting as well as precision grinding.

Abrasives made of fused aluminium oxide (MENZER Ultranet, MENZER Ultrapad) are sharp, hard and heat-resistant. The ultra-pure, white fused aluminium oxide grit is characterised by high material abrasion and a long service life. The semi-friable aluminium oxide grit (MENZER Platinum) combines medium hardness with an exceptionally high cutting strength.

Drywall construction-abrasives made of silicon carbide (MENZER Black, MENZER NET) are characterised by sharp edges and are self-sharpening. They are ideal for sanding mineral-based substrates such as stone, concrete and plaster as well as polystyrene.

Additional finishes in the form of MENZER CoolTec coating, MENZER AntiStat technology or 3D coating increase sanding performance and extend their service life.

Innovative MENZER sanding discs for drywall sanders

Every surface has its own characteristics. For this reason, MENZER sanding paper for wall and ceiling sanders provides a range of special solutions: The MENZER carbide grit hook & loop sanding discs are the perfect solution for tough and difficult substrates. The abrasive is suitable for removing old paint layers, thick plaster residues and tough joint fillers.

Special emphasis is placed on virtually dust-free sanding for a healthy work environment. With the Ultranet®, MENZER has developed an innovative sanding mesh with an open mesh structure that facilitates an above-average removal of sanding dust. The MENZER Ultrapad with multi-hole perforation also allows for full-area removal of sanding dust and significantly reduces the dust content in the air.

The high quality MENZER sanding fleeces for drywall sanders are the perfect choice for precision cutting and intermediate scuffing as well as lacquering preparation. The abrasive also offers excellent results for rust removal, as well as surface matting and polishing.